Cherished dream - a bouquet of roses, roses

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Уменьшенный:  роза кустовая розовая - 5 шт,  упаковка, лента розовая. Примерный размер: 20Х20 см.

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      Уменьшенный:  роза кустовая розовая - 5 шт,  упаковка, лента розовая. Примерный размер: 20Х20 см.


      Standard: роза кустовая розовая - 9 шт, упаковка, лента розовая. Примерный размер: 25Х25 см.


      ЛЮКС (на фото):  роза кустовая розовая - 15 шт, упаковка, лента розовая. Примерный размер: 35Х35 см.


      DELUXE: роза кустовая розовая - 25 шт, упаковка, лента розовая. Примерный размер: 45Х45 см.

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      COMMENTS ABOUT Bouquet «cherished dream - a bouquet of roses Roses»
      • / 13.04.2019
        bouquet rating:
        Доставку задержали на 15 минут. Но цветы очень красивые. Букет оформлен в соответствии с фото
      • / г. Анапа / 11.07.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Very good service. The main thing is the freshness of the product and punctuality.
      • / г. Лобня / 03.07.2018
        bouquet rating:
        It is very convenient that there is a possibility to order flowers delivery at a reasonable price!
      • / г. Санкт-Петербург / 30.06.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Deluxe turned out incredibly great! Thanks for doing all the vagaries in the package, and you can add the balls! at the height of the service)
      • / г. Изобильный / 19.06.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Very happy with the service. Order accepted by phone, payment by card. Salon phoned himself with those who designed the bouquet, and delivered to the named place and time. Thank you so much!
      • / г. Серпухов / 20.05.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Excellent bouquet turned out, thank you for the perfect execution of the order!
      • / г. Пролетарск / 18.04.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you very much for delivery in foreign countries, in the town, which was not even listed on your site! Thank you for your responsiveness and attentiveness! You brought us great joy !!!
      • / г. Ртищево / 16.04.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you very much :) Very fast, prompt and very high quality. It opened for the first time your service. Now I will always use it :)
      • / г. Москва / 15.04.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you so much for your work. They were taken to the village. Mom was happy. It's her Birthday
      • / г. Мюнхен / 06.04.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Many thanks for accurate dostaku beautiful bouquet! In realnosti bouquet it was just stunningly beautiful! Thank you for florists bouquet! Thank you for the accurate delivery couriers to Munich! Operator Thank you for your attention, patience and kindness!
      • / г. Кимры / 03.04.2018
        bouquet rating:
        This is just a miracle! Thank you very much. Bouquet delivered just in time. There are no words! SUPER! Everybody is happy!
      • / г. Южноуральск / 01.04.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you for your excellent service. If the case necessarily use your services again!
      • / г. Королев / 31.03.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you for the flowers! Courier and his warm words left a lasting impression on the girl. Roses are very pleased! They were unusual and beautiful. She talked for a long time where, where and how were their twisted petals. All of this together gives a tinge of originality and extraordinary and makes the world in people's eyes bright, and their happy themselves.
      • / г. Павловский Посад / 29.03.2018
        bouquet rating:
        I express my deep gratitude for the design, for fresh flowers, and especially for your instant screensaver. My bouquet was delivered to me in time (delivery time ordered the husband to the 18-00 of March 28, a bouquet of luxury) no matter what obstacles :)
      • / г. Дзержинский / 27.03.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Hello! Many thanks to the managers, florists and all employees of the company Grand Flora! With your help, we give joy and happiness to your family and friends! How nice that you are there !!!
      • / г. Orel / 20.03.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Excellent service, dlivered within 24 hours, with excellent flowers quality. Already ordered more flowers :)
      • / г. Лангепас / 04.02.2018
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you very much for a great bouquet for my aunt ☺️Eto was a wonderful surprise. Judging from the photo bouquet was in compliance with the photos in the order - that is very important
      • / г. Самара / 06.07.2017
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you for the opportunity to give positive emotions close to any city! Surprise success! Perfect service: design in minutes, speedy delivery, a bouquet of the most consistent picture! Very pleasantly surprised!