How to extend the life
Presented with a bouquet?

«Flowers—is a free beauty in nature & raquo.;


I would like to extend the life of flowers donated? It turns out that there are ways to care for the flowers using flowers that stay fresh much longer.

We remind you a few useful rules:

  • Temperature.Freshly cut flowers can not tolerate extreme temperatures. It is necessary to hold a bunch of time, for example, in the hallway, where it's cooler, the flowers gradually "accustomed" to a new temperature environment;

  • Slice. It is necessary to cut the stem at an angle of approximately 1 cm;
    Water can be dialed from the tap, but not necessarily the supernatant to room temperature;

  • Cool. At night, it is desirable to put the flowers in a cool place, for example, on a windowsill. But, in any case, not to the battery of central heating or stand-alone;

  • Safeguard flowers from drafts and direct sunlight;

  • Bouquet recommended to put away from apples and oranges, which is isolated in the air is fatal to flowering ethylene.

  • Flowers, bouquet components can not bind tightly. The vase is also desirable to place flowers freely to flattened stalks do not rot. Save stems from premature rotting helpscutting the lower leaves and thorns (A rose).

How to handle the flower stems

  • Cloves and other plants with jointed stalks are cut diagonally in place of the thickening;
  • Hollow stems grip the finger and the whole flower is lowered down into the water inflorescence. Then release the finger and the water enters the stem;
  • Solid closure stalks (roses, lilacs) is cleaved into several knife polosochek
  • The tips of the stems gerberas and Cullen sprinkle with salt.

All other colors cut on the stem make beveled to increase the supply area. Pruning is carried out under running water, or air bubbles cover the water intake.

Water additives, prolonging the life of flowers

Often need to change the water in the vase, so did not have time to multiply putrefaction bacteria. In 1 liter of water was added following means preserving liquid purity:

  • Aspirin;
  • 2-3 tablets birch activated carbon;
  • Dining Room spoonful of lemon juice or vinegar of 6%;
  • Slice refined or 10 ml of glucose solution;
  • 3 g of baking soda;
  • 6.5 g of boric acid;
  • Partly pinch salt;
  • 10-15 ml of alcohol.
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«By supporting optimal conditions for storage of flowers, you can extend the life of the bouquet to a few weeks. Thus it is desirable to consider compatibility plants & raquo.;

It is important to remember that a bouquet of flowers requires constant attention and care. By following some simple requirements, you can greatly extend the life of a flower bouquet.